DynamoDB Queries Index

Example Indexation Table

To be abe to query a document by different fields it's necessary to create as many GSI indexes, which costs depends on the size of the elements.

In order to simplify and optimize query operation the data can be splitted between a index and a data table.

The Index table would have a partition key Scope to split the data between partitions and a unique id as GUID as Sort key.

The GUID would be use as a single partition key in a data table.

dynamo db keys


To query each key independently GSI must be created for each one.

ex: GSI: Index (Key1-Order1)

Allows to query Key1 and sort results by Order1

To add query by more than two keys, a second key can be added to a filter expression in the query.

However this strategy will require the creation of as many GSI as the number of attributes that need to be queried.