Kubectl and Helm commands


get all pods

kubectl get pod -A

get pods for namespace nx

kubectl get pod -n nx

Describe a pod

first get the pod name

kubectl describe pod -n nx ...-859f85f586-4f7bk

Print logs for a container in a pod

first get the pod name

kubectl logs -n nx ...-859f85f586-4f7bk -c ...

print logs with follow

kubectl logs -n nx -f ...-859f85f586-4f7bk -c ...

delete all pods of nx namespace. it will create new pods

kubectl delete --all pods -n nx

go inside a pod

kubectl exec -it -n nx ....-5b848f97fd-67nmx -- bash

Config maps

get all config maps

kubectl get ConfigMap -A

get config maps for nx namespace

kubectl get configMap -n nx

describe one configmap

kubectl describe configmaps .... -n nx


(defines a logical set of Pods and a policy by which to access them)

get all svc

kubectl get svc -A

get svc with nx namespace

kubectl get svc -n nx


List releases / repos

list releases with tiller namespace

export TILLER_NAMESPACE=tiller

helm list

list repositories

helm repo list

add nexthink artifactory repo

helm repo add ...-dev https:/.../artifactory/...-helm-dev